Sports Massage

Sliders Static - Sports


+ improve your muscle strength, tone and condition

+ better and faster recovery

+ increased range of movement

+ reduced risk of injury

+ improved mental and physical well-being

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes.

Get your bounce and energy for life back. Improve your daily well-being, whether you're walking the dog, working in your gardening, playing with your children, pursuing your hobbies, or simply at your desk getting things done.

Perform at your best. Enhancing mobility, increase muscle strength and tone minimises the risk of injury and speeds up your recovery.

Through METs (muscle energy techniques) and STRs (soft-tissue release) we help you improve your range and general freedom of movement.  Our massage techniques enhance circulation and lymphatic flow, promoting the elimination of muscle metabolic waste and enhancing your performance and recovery.

A sports massage is great for your physical and mental health.


Book your appointment today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Sessions and Prices
General Sports Massage and Assessment45 mins£ 40
Sports Massage30 mins£ 25
Sports Massage60 mins£ 65
Gait Analysis;90 mins£ 60
Hot & Cold Stone Treatment45 mins£ 45
Cupping Session30 mins£ 30
Kinetic Taping Assessment30 mins£ 30

Relaxation Massage

Sliders Static - Relax


  • Reduced mental stress
  • Improved movement and muscle tone
  • Enhanced skin complexion and tone
  • Pain relief
  • Regaining your energy and enthusiasm;

Relax. Unwind.
Reduce your stress. Improve your sleep.
Move better. Enjoy your life.

Relaxation massages are designed to reduce the stress and tension held deep in the muscles. Shoulders, lower back and hips are key areas targeted to relax and restore your energy. The gentle flowing strokes ease the muscles, improving your circulation and tone.

We offer deep tissue, hot stones, Indian head massage and ear candling sessions to ease your tension, improve your blood flow, lymph drainage and general well-being energy levels.





Sessions and Prices
Relaxation Massage60 mins£ 45
Relaxation Massage30 mins£ 30
Indian Head Massage30 mins£ 30
Hopi Ear Candling30 mins£ 40
Hydrotherm Massage60 mins£ 50
Hot Stone Treatment45 mins£ 45
Cancer Soft-Touch Massage60 mins£ 50

Skilled Therapist

Massage Therapist

Robert Durrant

Federation of Holistic Therapists member


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